Something we often, Don’t consider,

Is that every interaction between human beings,  

Represents a given amount of misunderstanding and assumption.


We are in possession of a relentless collection of appearances and inconsistent beliefs,

This is why is it so important to question importance,

Our impulses and assumptions are unreliable.


We’re judges,

All in our own courts, and the evidence…

Is corrupted.


Even the wisest among us,

Can only understand so much in regards to another’s perceptions,

They’re interpretations of events unfolding.


How can they see so much more than the many?



Equanimity and compassion,

An increased depth of awareness and acceptance of they’re own reality’s.


We try so hard,

Want so badly,

To be understood,

To comprehend, 


The questions remain,

Never, will there be enough answers.


It seems to me,

The purest understanding,

The most reliable posture,

Comes not,

In the way of external answers,

Of acquirement,

But, Relinquishment,


Letting go of irrelevance,

The NEED to understand,

To explain.


A willingness to look,

To learn and too unlearn,

Practicing discernment between wholesome and unwholesome,

Goodwill and Ill will.

Not seeking truth, But honesty,

With one’s self.


We’re dying.

All dawns are inevitable twilight,

This irreversible unburdening comes to us all,


Not so much.


The vast majority of us,

Exist within a concept of life,

One after the other,

Trying in futile gestures,

Heavily cloaked behind assurance of significance,

To draw in that which is already your’s.


Ruled by the most shallow aspects of our senses,

By relief in addiction,

Perpetually creating situations of right and wrong,

Good and bad,

Should or shouldn’t…

Them or us.

Feasting upon the synthetic, while the organic rests untouched upon the table,

Always within reach, but rarely in sight.


There is truth…

It resides inside.

A product of the quiet we have come to fear,

A climate of balance with no reference to the external.


Tell me,

How can you acquire something,

Arrive in a place,

You already are?

In the act of trying,

Can you not, only remove yourself?

Further and further, 

Into the arms of separation…




A direct view,

Reached with a decision,

To engage the journey,

Instigating a revival of the interior ,

A reconciliation.


Nurturing freedom,

From having,

From the ache of hunger and having to have,

Motivated and willing to act,

Beyond gain,

Independent of praise or blame.


Being content to stand thus,

Stepping forward in the face of uncertainty,

The wildness of it,


To think of it compels me.


To walk gently,

In expression of acceptance,

For all,

Inspired to hear,

An aligning of perspectives,


Apprentices of the unpracticed. 




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